Durable Plastic Folding Tables

We had been working on the design and development of chairs, but as we came into contact with more and more customers, we were told that there was an urgent need for sturdy and durable tables, and they hope we could produce tables that met the quality requirements of this industry.

Out of our knowledge of the industry and after thorough research, we purchased equipment, opened molds, improved the shortcomings of the traditional plastic tables, and produced them using brand new material to produce bar tables, square tables, traditional long tables and round tables.

Although it cost a little more, it is worth the value.

folding tables

Cocktail Tables


Table Top Material: MDF/HDPE

Powder coated finish steel legs

Removable table top and foldable legs

With height-adjustable clasp

Table top come with umbrella hole for option

Color available: white, black

Ovalrall Height: 107-110cm

Table top dia: 60cm, 70cm, 80cm

Spandex table covers available

UV protected

Waterproof, stain resistant, easy clean

Great options for:

wedding venues, banquet hall, outside party, bar, club, and all kinds of celebration events.

cafe shop, fast-food restaurnt, and any resting area.


Basic Knowledge For Folding Tables

We always try to provide our customers with knowledge about the products to smooth sales process and resolve after-sales issues, helping the end customer make more informed and successful decisions. This process is an integral part of who we are as a company and it helps us become stronger over time.

Technical Data

Style Cocktail Table
Size (LxWxH): Table top dia: 60, 70, 80cm Overall height: 107, 110cm
N.W: 10-13kgs
Features top top removlable; legs are foldable. washable. UV protected.
Weight Capcity 700LBS
Loading Quantity Dia 80cm table: 2400pcs/20GP 570pcs/40HQ

This video shows real products and mass productions from different perspectives, click on it now!

Durable HDPE Folding Tables for Your Need

In order to meet the procurement cost requirements of different customers, we have designed three different structures of bamboo chairs, but no matter how the structure changes, their main style remains the same. 


Rectangular Table


Round Table


Square Table 87x87cm

A Brief Self-Nomination, Why Choose Inm Chair?

Inm furniture does not only provide the best quality of folding chairs, but also take great care of their customers. With a wide variety of different furniture to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding what you need or at least something close to it. You can consider Inm furniture as a lifetime partner for your business


INM chair,known as injection-molded chair , have established two production bases to manufacture a folding chair series as well as a resin stacking chair series. we have:

  1. 15 sets of automated machines
  2. 50,000 square meters of plant
  3. Daily production capacity of 20,000 chairs (all products)
  4. Professional service 24×7

With careful inspections of the raw materials, rigorous inspections of the injection molding equipment and production, as well as team work’s hard work, our products are exported to homes, restaurants, banquet halls and outdoor event centers in 30 countries.

The FAQs About Cocktail Tables & Folding Tables

Here is a collection of the questions we are often asked in the course of our discussions with clients. If you don’t find the answer to your question below, please contact us by email.

Whether the desktop is made of MDF or HDPE, it has the function of waterproof.
Compared to HDPE desktop, MDF is stronger because of the middle is MDF and the middle is solid, but the weight is also relatively heavier.
MDF table tops are waterproof, sun-proof, stain-proof, resistant to cigarette burns and scratch resistant. these features make this table more popular in the market

The steel tubes for the table legs are de-rusted before they are cut to ensure that there is no rust on the tubes.

Then after cutting, welding, we will sandblast the steel pipe, this step is to put a coat on the steel pipe and then powder coat it. This double insurance can completely ensure that these tables won't get rusty even if they're used heavily in humid environments while also looking sleek and modern with their sleek powder coating exterior!

Yes, but it's very simple.
In order to save volume, we designed the product with removable and foldable table plates and legs.
After receiving the product, you only need to snap the table legs on the clips under the table board, and then open the table legs to complete the assembly. We have the relevant video to assist you to complete the operation. Don't worry.

Cocktail tables, because with a relatively high 4 feet, also called bar tables.

If used in banquets, receptions or some formal business events, in order to make it have a better appearance, then you need to use the table cover, to match the theme.

If it is used in bars, or open-air fast food restaurants, cafes, then it can be used directly, these occasions are more to reflect its functionality

1. Determine what occasion is used.
2. Whether the size of the table is a standard size, whether it can be used with the chairs, tablecloths, table covers or other supporting products in the warehouse
3. If you often want to use it outdoors again, you need to consider the table's water resistance, moisture resistance, whether it is easy to fold
4. Whether the table legs can stand smoothly after opening, and will not fold unintentionally
5. whether the table is easy to clean

Will not. Since this chair is mostly used outdoors, our chair has been designed to be completely outdoor-friendly, we have added anti-UV particles to the manufacturing formula for sun protection and anti-aging.

Although our tables are waterproof and sun-proof, good daily maintenance can extend the service life of the tables.
When carrying from the warehouse to the place of use, try to use the trolley, take it lightly, avoid rough handling.
The tables should be taken back to the warehouse in time after use. 
Once the table is dirty, you can use a wet rag or soft sponge to scrub. You cannot use alcohol and other harsh chemicals to apply on the surface.

Cocktail tables:

If it is used in a coffee shop or fast food restaurant in a public place, no additional decoration is needed.
If it is used in a party, you can use a spandex lycra table cover or polyester table cover.

Long Tables:
Long tables are used in a wide variety of ways.
When used at home or community events, you don't want to need special decoration, just achieve its functionality
In banquets, weddings, receptions and other more formal occasions, it is necessary to use with tablecloths

Round tables are used more often in banquets, and need to be used with tablecloths

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