Popular Resin Louis Chair

The Louis chair with its more comfortable and more atmospheric design has won the favor of high-end wedding designers.

Streamlined skeleton, wider back and fine treatment of details make it attract much attention as soon as it appears.

Stackable, outdoor use, replaceable cushions and backrests, resin Louis chair upgrades the traditional design, is a better choice for banquet halls or on lawns. Whether it is a meal hall or on the lawns by adding this furniture to your world will have something not just beautiful but also unique.

General Applications For Resin Louis Chairs

Louis chairs are a classic for dinner parties. Mainly used in dining halls, private events, and wedding venues. Its exterior appearance is very formal and can also be applied to home dining room. 

General Hot Selling Products

The Louis Chair has the following three designs to meet the needs of different markets.

r6 gw

Resin Louis Chair R6

Resin Louis Chair R6M

Featuring the look of high-end Louis chairs, this resin louis chair is the same size as your average banquet chair. This means it can strategically match round or long tables to create more elegant settings for weddings with tight budgets.

With all these features, you get more than a great deal for your ceremony—you’ll have an elevated experience as well.

r6n gc

Resin Louis Chair R6N

This chair also featured the curved backrest to match its curved front leg for extra comfort. The slightly curved front legs also add to the beauty and elegance of this chair. The main market for this chair is Europe.

The downside is that it is less stackable, with a maximum of 5 stacks.

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The Basic Knowledge About Resin Folding Chair

We always try to provide our customers with knowledge about the products to smooth sales process and resolve after-sales issues, helping the end customer make more informed and successful decisions. This process is an integral part of who we are as a company and it helps us become stronger over time.


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All You Need Know About Resin Louis Chair


The frame of the resin louis chair is made with 100% PP, a pure and natural material that guarantees strength and elasticity.

The transparent back pads are PC, which has good rigidity and toughness, high impact resistance, high dimensional stability and wide operating temperature range while maintaining excellent electric insulation properties and heat resistance.

The seat pad is leather. Very durable, easy to wash and can be selected in various colors.


From raw materials, production, assembly to packaging and shipping, we are strict about every part of the process.
For the products, we have a two-year warranty period. For the parts, we will provide installation guidance.


The Louis chair has a very beautiful and generous appearance, suitable for high-end banquets. Wide backrest, very comfortable when sitting.
We designed the Louis chair is a magic chair. For example: a golden Louis chair can be in three forms.
Gold skeleton + transparent backrest + gold cushion
Gold skeleton + leather gold backrest + gold cushion
Gold skeleton + button back + gold cushion

At the same time the color of the backrest and cushion can also be changed, such as gold cushion + white cushion, then a new chair. Through different chair color matching and cushion color matching, to adapt to different banquet themes.

You can also buy a chair and then different color cushions to give it more occasions to use.


If you have a good budget and are demanding for the characteristics of the chair, we suggest you choose our R6.
If you want to have the appearance of Louis chair, but the cost should be strictly controlled, we suggest you choose our R6M.

We will give you the most suitable purchasing solution according to your requirements.

Pls contact us at any time.

Hot sale styles and colors

The design of the Louis chair evolves into different styles. Among the most popular styles and colors are.
White chair + white transparent back + white cushion
White chair + button back + white cushion
Gold chair + transparent back + gold cushion
Gold chair + transparent back + white cushion
Gold chair + transparent back + black cushion
Gold chair + black silk back + black cushion


The routine maintenance of the resin chair is very simple.
We will provide a free chair cover for each chair. After the chairs are put into storage, they can be dried with a damp cloth or soft sponge and then covered with a black chair cover for dust control.
When transporting from the warehouse to the truck, we recommend using a cart to save time and effort while avoiding damage to the chairs.

A Brief Self-Nomination​, Why Choose Inm Chair?

Inm furniture does not only provide the best quality of folding chairs, but also take great care of their customers. With a wide variety of different furniture to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding what you need or at least something close to it. You can consider Inm furniture as a lifetime partner for your business


INM chair,known as injection-molded chair , have established two production bases to manufacture a folding chair series as well as a resin stacking chair series. we have:

  1. 15 sets of automated machines
  2. 50,000 square meters of plant
  3. Daily production capacity of 20,000 chairs (all products)
  4. Professional service 24×7

With careful inspections of the raw materials, rigorous inspections of the injection molding equipment and production, as well as team work’s hard work, our products are exported to homes, restaurants, banquet halls and outdoor event centers in 30 countries.

The FAQs About Resin Louis Chairs

Here is a collection of the questions we are often asked in the course of our discussions with clients. If you don’t find the answer to your question below, please contact us by email.

Many people have been asking about the safety of PP resin. It's a plastic used to make many things, from food containers to raincoats. In fact, it has been recognized as one of the safest plastics of its time! Polypropylene has a high tolerance for heat and is very durable. This means that it was considered safe for humans.
It is such a super tough plastic! You can basically put it anywhere and it will hold up under the harshest conditions. Even microwaving a food dish made of PP won't hurt you.

So PP folding chairs will not release any toxic fumes or be harmful to humans.


R6 and R6M can be stackable at least 10pcs high.

R6N, because its four legs are with curved shape, so its stackability is not as well as R6,R6M. usually 5pcs of chairs can be stacked together without falling down.

No. Made out of 100% virgin PP, this chair boasts a beauty that is unmatched by any sprayed paint. The charm of the unpainted color will stay fresh for years on end without ever needing to be touched up or repaired.
Since the colors inside and outside are the same, even if the chair is accidentally damaged, the color exposed inside will still be the same.

Will not. Since this chair is mostly used outdoors, our chair has been designed to be completely outdoor-friendly, we have added anti-UV particles to the manufacturing formula for sun protection and anti-aging.

There is velcro at the back of the cushion, and the Velcro with double-sided adhesive tear off, stick to the seat plate. so you can see the cushion can be reomvable, and the same color chair can be matched with different colors of cushions to suit different themes.

No need. The clear back of this chair is designed to be removable, 

You may be afraid it takes a lot of time to clean a lot of chairs before they are stored or after the event is over. But the cleaning of chair is very simple: just use a soft rag with water or soapy water to wipe the surface.
Note: Do not use harsh cleaner, gasoline, solvents containing acid, solvents containing chlorine, rough and hard sponge on chairs.

Yes, we do accept assembled goods. Different types of goods are put into the same container to make a full container shipment, which not only can reduce the shipping cost, but also can try different styles.

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