Chiavari -The Most Classic and Popular Wedding Chair

Born in the Italian town of Chiavari and designed by Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi, it has been around for 200 years and has become one of the most special pieces of wedding furniture.

The shape of the Chiavari we have today has been updated through long-lasting improvements. Due to its particular popularity, the designer went from the original wooden to the present iron, aluminum, plastic, and in various colors for weddings, parties, and special occasions. Among them, Chiavari Chair in Resin is the most successful improvement.

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It is not easy to introduce all aspects of resin chiavari chair, so we have prepared a lot of information on this page for you to delve into. To make sure you can find the information you want quickly, we have prepared this content directory that will jump to the corresponding location when you click on it.

Why Make Resin Chiavari Chairs?

Since the use of Chiavari chairs for weddings, parties, banquets, and some other special occasions, usually for large events with hundreds or even thousands of people, requires Chiavari chairs to be particularly strong, stackable, can be used indoors and outdoors, and low maintenance. To meet these requirements, we use resin to make these chairs. The reasons for this are:

General Hot Selling Products

In order to meet the procurement cost requirements of different customers, we have designed three different structures of bamboo chairs, but no matter how the structure changes, their main style remains the same. 

r7 white

Resin Chiavari Chair (Metal Core)

The chiavari chair with the steel tube is the strongest and most durable material among all plastic chiavari chairs. With a service life of up to 10 years, it should be your go-to option if you are still worried about not being able to find a very sturdy one. 

This resin chair has everything an event planner could want. It’s been popular for 15 years and remains the go-to choice among tons of different events, from weddings to business dinners. The event industry is on the rise again— if it’s time for a fresh replacement in your warehouse, we recommend trying this sinfully comfortable and durable resin chiavari chair.

r7m gold

Resin Chiavari Chair (All RESIN)

Providing you with both the appearance of traditional chiavari chairs and the practicality of stackable, plastic resin chairs, this chair is your best option if you prefer affordability.

It’s lightweight so it can be easily lifted when in use or stacked during off-peak periods without leaving any indentations in the ground. These things are great for events since they’re not as heavy or stable as steel core chiavari but still provide sufficient stability that ensures safety when stacking them after use.

r7mn rose gold

ALL-IN-ONE-PIECE Chiavari Chair

Solidly constructed, this all-in-one-piece Chiavari chair is made by one single mold. No screws or bolts are needed to go together—making the chair seamless and without creasing in any areas for many years. Its seat seems a little thin, but it will never bow under pressure by holding up sturdy and stable enough. An additional cushion could remove all doubts about looks.

If you’re low on budget but want to purchase quality furniture, this item might be your best bet; we primarily sell it in Africa and South America.

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The Quality Control About Resin Chiavari Chair

Quality control is a crucial part of the production process. It ensures that every product meets the standards required for its use, and does not have any defects or imperfections. This part will discuss five steps in quality control to ensure you are producing a high-quality product!

Raw Material Control

We are committed to providing our customers with the best quality products. Our raw material suppliers are well-known plastic manufacturers with authoritative certifications, and regularly we test the performance of our materials to ensure that there is no quality difference from batch to batch.

We guarantee that you will always get an excellent product at a competitive price.

We purchase the raw materials directly from manufacturers to reduce overhead costs, which is why we can offer competitive pricing. We also have a large inventory  to supply you with what you need when it`s needed. These are just some of the reasons that our customers come back time and again for their material needs.


Semi-finished and Finished Product Inspection

In the process of product production, semi-finished product inspection can be timely detection of quality problems, timely correction or downgrading to reduce losses.

After the completion of the product, we will carry out random inspection and their own good work in order to meet customer third-party inspection needs.
We have a wide range of custom inspections based on customer requirements for different products.

You choose what type of inspection is needed for your company’s needs and we will do everything possible to get you exactly what you need.


Assembly and Packing Inspection

The assembly work is important to the stability of the product, our assembly workers are all with more than 5 years of experience and regular training.

Experienced workers can know the injection molding of each part very well and are very sensitive to the accuracy of the parts. They are a very important part of the whole assembly process.

Packaging inspection includes inner packaging inspection and outer box inspection. Chiavari chairs are each packed by a chair cover, and then 10 stacked together into a cardboard box.

In order to avoid leakage, wrong packing, and rough packing, we implement a strict packaging examination system to ensure that each product has qualified packaging and safe delivery.


Loading Inspection

A loading container is an inspection process which occurs before the shipping process.

When loading, we check whether the container is damaged, clean and wet inside, etc. Careful handling during the loading process and reinforcement if necessary to avoid damage during shipping.

After the container is loaded, we will lock it up and take pictures to confirm everything was done correctly before shipping out!


Basic Knowledge For Resin Chiavari Chair

We always try to provide our customers with knowledge about the products to smooth sales process and resolve after-sales issues, helping the end customer make more informed and successful decisions. This process is an integral part of who we are as a company and it helps us become stronger over time.


This video shows real products and mass productions from different perspectives, click on it now!

The Art of Resin Chaivari Chair Production: Process & Design

A product from design to final form is often needed a few months or even years. The traditional Chiavari chair is made of wood, in order to make him more sturdy and suitable for outdoor use while having the same appearance, we spent two years researching structure and materials, ultimately achieving great success.

We are willing to share the complete process to help u understand it easier. it mainly takes 4 steps:

Step 1: Design the shape and structure

In order to ensure a stable resin chair, we spend months designing its unique frame joints system. It’s important that our chairs are lightweight yet sturdy enough for outdoor use. With this in mind, we did extensive research on different types chairs before find the proper way for chiavari. The metal core inserted resin is the best option.

chiavari draft

Step 2: Find the right material

As you know, resin is a plastic in a broad sense and contains many different materials with different properties.

The problem of how to make the plastic combined with steel pipe and injection molding at high temperature without deformation, without breaking, and without rusting in long term use was in front of us. Finally, after repeated experiments, we succeeded in solving these problems.

It is also important to choose a good plastic material supplier, because many manufacturers ignore this point or face problems in the subsequent processing.

We have a strict system in selecting raw materials and suppliers, mainly considering cost and chemical properties, which is a key point for whole process.


Step 3: Choose the injection molding machine

Injection molding machines are divided into two main categories, small machines with large quantities and big but powerful machines. Chiavari chairs are relatively large in size and need a large injection molding machine to carry the huge touch tool.

After hundreds of injection molding experiments, we improved the precision of each part, more uniform color, reduced the defective rate, and produced the highest quality resin chiavari chairs at the lowest cost.

In this way, we have improved the productivity of the resin chiavari chair.

injection machines

Step 4: Perform injection work, assembly and packaging

Once the parts are injected from the machine, they first need to be cooled and then they are assembled with the assembly tool.

Finally, inspection work and packaging need to be done before loading.

Want to know how to compress lead times?

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The Six Tips When Purchasing

When purchasing chiavari chairs, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First and foremost, you should be looking for high-quality chairs that will last over time. You also want to make sure the chair is comfortable and affordable. We’ll go into detail on how to select a quality chair while making sure it’s within your budget!

*Pay attention to the materials

There are many materials of resin Chiavari chairs, for example, resin, there are PP, PC, PP and steel pipe, PC and steel pipe in the market. When choosing, pay attention to what material the price is based on what material is quoted. In general, PP material Chiavari chairs will not be less than 10 U.S. dollars.

*Pay attention to the structure of the product

Some resin Chiavari chair is made from all PP, and the use of screw links, the advantage of such a structure is that the product can be unpacked to save shipping costs, but long-term use down the screws are easy to loosen, the chair will rock back and forth.

*Note the color of the product

The most popular colors of Chiavari chairs are white, gold, silver, and transparent colors. Some manufacturers produce chairs with uneven colors, or even a big difference between the inside and outside. Once the surface of the product is touched, the base color is clearly highlighted and maintenance costs are particularly high.

*Note whether the product offer includes cushions.

Customers who purchase chairs usually need cushions, so be sure to pay attention to the price on the quotation whether the cushion is included.

*Pay attention to the product packaging

the packing is important for the quality of a product. sometimes the quotation differs because of different packings. ask for more packing details to clearly understand how chairs are packed, to avoid misunderstanding in future.

*Talk to the right person

Customer service is also an important factor when buying Chiavari chairs . Ask whether you can communicate directly with representatives who are with years working experience, so you can obtain information in time.

A Brief Self-Nomination​, Why Choose Inm Chair?

Inm furniture does not only provide the best quality of folding chairs, but also take great care of their customers. With a wide variety of different furniture to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding what you need or at least something close to it. You can consider Inm furniture as a lifetime partner for your business


INM chair,known as injection-molded chair , have established two production bases to manufacture a folding chair series as well as a resin stacking chair series. we have:

  1. 15 sets of automated machines
  2. 50,000 square meters of plant
  3. Daily production capacity of 20,000 chairs (all products)
  4. Professional service 24×7

With careful inspections of the raw materials, rigorous inspections of the injection molding equipment and production, as well as team work’s hard work, our products are exported to homes, restaurants, banquet halls and outdoor event centers in 30 countries.

The FAQs About Resin Folding Chairs

Here is a collection of the questions we are often asked in the course of our discussions with clients. If you don’t find the answer to your question below, please contact us by email.

Many people have been asking about the safety of PP resin. It's a plastic used to make many things, from food containers to raincoats. In fact, it has been recognized as one of the safest plastics of its time! Polypropylene has a high tolerance for heat and is very durable. This means that it was considered safe for humans.
It is such a super tough plastic! You can basically put it anywhere and it will hold up under the harshest conditions. Even microwaving a food dish made of PP won't hurt you.

So PP folding chairs will not release any toxic fumes or be harmful to humans.

For this chiavari chair with steel tube inside, the static load can reach 500 kg, impact test 136 kg.

For the all-plastic chiavari chair, it can still reach 700Lbs load-bearing capacity.

Both are enough safe for commercial use.

Yes. they can stack up to 10pcs high, well make full use space of contianer, save much freight, and save your warehouse space. 

Absolutely not. If you choose a chiavari chair with resin and built-in steel tube, there is no need to worry about the rusting of the steel tube. The first thing we do is to cut and remove rust before bending and welding our steel tubes. We apply a thick galvanized coating on the outer layer of the steel tube to ensure that the chair will not rust even after 10 years of use.

No. Made out of 100% virgin PP, our chiavari chair in white and clear boasts a beauty that is unmatched by any sprayed paint. The charm of the unpainted color will stay fresh for years on end without ever needing to be touched up or repaired.
Since the colors inside and outside are the same, even if the chair is accidentally damaged, the color exposed inside will still be the same.

For gold, silver chiavari chairs, the color of chair itself is gold and silver, in order to make them shine more, we use a special spray paint process to tone down the overall color. The surface paint is very thick just like the paint of a car, even if the collision, it is not easy to lose paint.

Will not. Since this chair is mostly used outdoors, our chair has been designed to be completely outdoor-friendly, we have added anti-UV particles to the manufacturing formula for sun protection and anti-aging.

Chiavari chair decoration are simple and elegant in appearance. Use flowers, sashes, or ribbon to decorate the back of the chair for different occasions.

In many cases, because of the beautiful appearance of chiavari chairs, it is used directly with a cushion, you can make the whole party very successful.

Although our chairs are waterproof and sun-proof, good daily maintenance can extend the service life of the chairs.
When carrying from the warehouse to the place of use, try to use the trolley, take it lightly, avoid rough handling.
The chairs should be taken back to the warehouse in time after use. Timely cover each chair with a chair cover to ensure that the product is clean.
Once the chair is dirty, you can use a wet rag or soft sponge to scrub. You cannot use alcohol and other harsh chemicals to apply on the surface.

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